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Eve Online: ISK: Beautifully Designed Guide for EVErybody

No matter whether you are a beginner on a 14-day trial account or a veteran trader, maybe a fierce pirate, a determined miner, a pilot who has years of experience in mission running or a three-month-in noob – there is no pilot who has tried and done everything or knows all there is to know about EVE. Beginner or expert, this Guide – known as the Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase – is for you!

Expertly written by a number of specialists in their field, beautifully designed by the EON Magazine team, and officially endorsed by CCP, this guide covers just about everything you can do in EVE. If you need to know something, just look it up in this book. Of course you do not have to commit everything to memory; just open the ISK 3.0 Guide and you will find your answer.

What’s more it’s FREE! Read, Learn and Enjoy!

You can order the print edition here or download the PDF for free.