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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Recent Information

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Recent Information

· All pre-orders get early access.
· SOE’s Smedley: The Old Republic will be the last big sub-based MMO (bad prediction).
· Achievements are confirmed for launch.
· No official launch in Australia (yet) but Aussies will still be able to play.
· Analyst predicts TOR sells 3 million units first year, 2 mil subs by end of CY12.
· Definitely not 50 flashpoints at launch, but at least 10.

Stephen Reid stated that anyone who has pre-ordered will get Early Game Access regardless of Bioware’s choice to stagger online access to prevent server congestion at launch. When you get early access will depend on several factors including when you pre-ordered and redeemed your code online. It is not known yet exactly when pre-orders will get early access. It is first come, first serve.

Shacknews apparently got confused, and they’re confusing you, so allow me to clarify. Nothing has actually changed since we announced pre-order access in July.

Recently Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley stated that SWTOR will be the last big sub-based MMO. Which really is absolute nonsense. I’m sure most people will agree that Sony/SOE doesn’t have a clue what it’s talking about and likes to put it’s foot in it’s mouth quite often. Bioware appears to agree, saying that there will always be a place for premium/sub-based MMOs.

Read the Pre-Order FAQ here.

Features Confirmed for Launch:
10+ Flashpoints

As we have known for quite some time now Star Wars: The Old Republic will not be launched officially in Australia at the same time that it is launched in the US/EU. Australians can still purchase the game elsewhere and play. They will just have to deal with the lag until the game is officially launched with servers in Australia.

Analysts estimate that TOR will sell 3 million units in the first year and the subscriber base will reach 2 million by the end of CY12.

A rumor was started that their will be 50 flashpoints in at launch. Stephen Reid squashes that rumor:

“This is not true, sorry. Not sure where that might have come from.”

However the statement was made that the number of flashpoints are in the double digits. So at least 10.

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Recently in TOR: No Release Date Before Late Oct.

Recently in TOR: No Release Date Before Late Oct.

Update: The release date is confirmed as Dec 20th in the US and 22nd for EU.

CFO Eric Brown states that we likely will not see a release date prior to late October (EA earnings call is October 25th). This is not exactly unexpected at this point, but it’s still disappointing. Stephen Reid says “Investor calls and conferences are for investors. They are not meant for the general public.”

I have said in the past that what investors are told and what analysts say is typically absolute nonsense meant to calm the dogs at the door, but with a bit of common sense and knowledge of the industry you can always kind of sift through the nonsense and make some educated guesses with the information that they do give.

Read DarthHater’s post on EA at Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference.

TORWars interviews Damion Schubert who answers questions and talks about map sizes, crew skills, naming rules and the wall of crazy. Some ideas have apparently also been pulled off the wall of crazy and implemented in the game. Schubert also has confirmed dressing rooms which allow you to sample what gear looks like before equipping it.

Georg Zoeller talks about how massive space sports are, armor differences and how it’s not quick or easy to respec your character.

Corellian Run Radio posted this hilarious video of celebrities “attempting” to voice-over great moments in Star Wars movies.

The TOR forums are bumping up security and will require you to add new security questions.

A teen rating has been given by the ESRB.

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Mos Eisley Radio: Open Bounty 009: PAX Prime

Mos Eisley Radio interviews James Ohlen from Bioware at PAX Prime.

Podcast: Mos Eisley Radio Episode 50: Over the Dune

Mos Eisley Radio Episode 50: Over the Dune

MER dings at 50 with Josh “Mr. Crayon Eater” returning to the show to share, along with Zach, some thoughts, impressions, and contagion fears after the con. Evan asks them about TOR news, some Warzone and Operation questions, and then we hear about EVERYTHING else they got to play, including more League of Legends and some cool new contenders like Firefall.

Join the discussion at the Mos Eisley Radio forums.

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In this episode of Mos Eisley Radio, Evan has returned to the podcast. MER writer Leo Andrea also joins. MER recaps big news from Gamescom and the Old Republic website. They also discuss the KOTOR story arc.

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Mos Eisley Radio Episode 48

MER is joined by two special guests from TORSyndicate: Lord Hammer and Baraslan. MER speculates on upcoming conventions, what it means to RP and what they would like to see in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Recently in TOR News: Importing Down Under

TOR News: Importing Down Under

Think of this as an episode. We will call it “Recently in TOR News” for now, where we compile a bit of Old Republic news. I do like to keep things short and sweet. So on to the news.

Which class will you play? If you fantasize about Han Solo as a hot chick choose a smuggler. If you want to be the hottest blue skinned thing in the galaxy choose a Twi’lek. Ok, this is getting weird. Head over to IGN and read Who Are You in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Concerned about whether you can or should do your class quests with a friend? TORWars addresses this concern with direct quotes from Damion Schubert himself.

A few things that your smuggler can be: a medic, a marksman and an explosives expert. Check in with TORWars for the list quoted from Georg Zoeller.

Unfortunately not much in the way of interesting gaming news has been released since E3 this year. Fortunately the Old Republic pod casts that we have grown to love are still churning out episodes. Recently: Mos Eisley Radio Episode 47: Crayon Eater, Corellian Run Radio Episode 30: Your Foots Sticking Out!, DarthHater Episode 92: Consular Highlights, TOROCast Episode 114: Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions and last but not least Alan Shot First invites you to discuss the class trailers at the Mos Eisley Radio forums.

At it yet again is TORWars! In another article this week they discuss loot, inventory space, the lack of an appearance tab, gear customization and the social point system.

Jedi Guardian

Since Bioware opened up pre-orders at about 3:00AM eastern on July 21st (correct me if the date is wrong) lots of fans have been upset. Canadians couldn’t order the collector’s edition early on and many likely missed out as quantities were limited and the collector’s edition sold out very quickly online (it broke a record for EA). Fans were sent scrambling to individual stores for copies as those stores got their shipments. Australians very quickly found out that they would not be able to purchase the game domestically.

So ever since, Australians have been asking the question, “Can we still play the game if we import our copies?”. The answer is yes! There will be no region locking. In other words, IP addresses from Australia will not be blocked. You might not be able to buy TOR in local stores down under, but you can import the game and play it. Lag might be an issue and you can probably expect rubber banding.

And as I like to say: “in case you missed it”…