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F2P Opinions: Blacklight Retribution, MS: Flight

F2P Opinions: Blacklight Retributions, MS Flight

Blacklight: Retribution and Microsoft Flight are both free-to-play. BL:R is in open beta. MS:F was just released. I was looking forward to seeing MS:F thinking it was an at least half-assed F2P version of MS Flight Simulator. I was wrong. As far as BL:F I didn’t know much about it but it looked worth a try.

The BL:R open beta started recently and I jumped on the opportunity. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the game. One positive would be that the game runs smoothly on older video cards. What isn’t so positive is that combat just isn’t very fluid or natural.

What I cannot stand more than anything in a video game is clunky controls. It is my number one pet peeve. The fact that you actually are able to hit anything is more often luck than not. I recently played Modern Warfare 3 after avoiding it for many months. Aiming is very fluid and natural in MW3 and not at all in BL:R. Adjusting mouse sensitivity doesn’t really help. I really hate to use Call of Duty as an example but it just does something right that BL:R doesn’t.

The maps remind me of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As do some of the abilities.

Being inside of the mech-like armor that you can purchase if you have enough points usually around mid to late game is very cool but practically useless right now.

BL:R has the opportunity to be a fun game but I don’t see it going very far and expect it not to do any better than pre-Reloaded All Points Bulletin.

Microsoft Flight doesn’t deserve the title. It is not a flight simulator in any sense whatsoever. Having the name implies that there is some element of simulation. There isn’t. You control the aircraft with the mouse and a cursor on the screen. Controls are a joke. The whole game is. It belongs on a discount shelf in the kiddie section with other Simpsons quality video games.

As soon as you are in control of the aircraft it’s all downhill from there. I am a fan of Microsoft’s flight simulators and have been since the original. This game doesn’t cut it. It just begs the question: what IS Microsoft Flight?

I would stay away from MS:F but give BL:R a try.


Recently in Gaming: BF3 Beta, Diablo 3 Closed Beta

Recently in Gaming: BF3 Open Beta, Diablo 3 Closed Beta

The Diablo 3 closed beta has started. If you want to opt-in then head over to your Battle.net account, check your beta settings and upload your PC specs.

You will be able to download Battlefield 3 and participate in the open beta starting on the 29th and ending on October 10th. Get it here when the beta starts. The system requirements have been released. The recommended specs include a DirectX11 compatible card with 1GB of RAM and I expect that you will want the recommended specs. Especially if you intend on playing at 1920×1080.

Borderlands 2 will have a new UI and split screen action. It will also feature revamped weapons and AI.

Apparently Minecraft’s Enderman liked to walk off with player-made structures. Now they are getting nerfed. Take that Enderman-person-thing.

EA says traditional retail outlets are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Upcoming and Recent Releases:
The Lord of the Rings Online: The Rise of Isengard – September 27 2011
Battlefield 3 – October 25 2011
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – November 11 2011
F1 2011 – Available Now
Red Orchestra 2 – Available Now
Trackmania 2 – Available Now

Delayed Releases:
PC: Batman Arkham Asylum – Delayed until November

Geek.com: John Carmack coded Quake on a 28-inch 16:9 1080p monitor in 1995
Rockpapershotgun: Diablo 3: Incredibly Early Impressions
YouTube: Mafia Wars 2 Trailer
Rockpapershotgun: Wot I Think: Red Orchestra 2

Today In Gaming: LoL: Dominion, Skyrim, etc.

Today in Gaming: League of Legends, Skyrim

2Kgames takes a look at the Korea and Ancient World Civilization 5 scenario packs.

The Drakensang Online open beta is now live. Check out an official trailer.

World of Warplanes‘ release date is still to-be-announced, but IGN has new screenshots. Follow the World of Warplanes Twitter and Facebook to stay updated.

Battlefield 3 will feature “years of unlocks“. I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t unlocked everything in Battlefield 2 and I’ve had the game since it’s release. Ribbons are still available rewards. As are service stars and weapon unlocks.

Watch nearly 40 minutes of off-screen Skyrim footage at QuakeCon. That crowd is nuts for Skyrim.

Attackofthefanboy.com has new Prey 2 screenshots. Prey 2 is features “first person parkour elements” in what I relate to a Blade Runner style setting. See the official E3 2011 trailer.

TORWars takes a look at developer commentary on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums discussing disabling story cut scenes.

League of Legends releases a behind-the-scenes video of Dominion. Watch the official trailer and sign up for the game for free.

Dice is going all out and putting a Mig-21 on display at the Battlefield 3 Gamescom booth. Yes a Mig-21.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Open Beta Discussion

Let’s talk for a moment Old Republic fans.

I know that most of you don’t read every single tidbit of information like some of us, so maybe you haven’t heard. There’s a bit more of you than there should be that just allow information to go in one ear and out the other. I’m also talking to that crowd.

There will be no open beta. This has been confirmed by Daniel Erickson and others at Bioware. I’ve been saying this to the community for months now as people have started to talk about an open beta.

Expecting an open beta for a game as massive as Star Wars: The Old Republic is incredibly unrealistic and asinine. If you just know very little about the industry; I excuse you. Those of you that pay a little more attention should know better. Those that have been accepted into closed and open betas over the years and have an idea of what sort of title is usually offered as an open beta – what is your excuse?

The Old Republic has cost Bioware millions of dollars. It is one of the largest projects in history. If not the largest. EA, George Lucas and Bioware have a very expensive investment in TOR. Whether or not you believe, or I agree that an open beta could potentially be a major success, it could also be absolutely detrimental to the success of TOR. There is a lot that goes into these decisions and you nor I can imagine what they all are.

EA may likely lose millions due to the NFL lockout, making it even less likely that they will take any risks right now. This is one of thousands of things EA must think about.

You’re extremely lucky when you get to play larger titles like Rift temporarily in an open beta. Open betas are a rare privilege for larger titles. When an open beta is offered the publisher, developer and investors are taking a very big risk. When it comes to titles like Black Prophecy, all an open beta can do is help such a small project. Those titles need the advertising and exposure.

Expecting Bioware to offer an open beta makes about as much sense as expecting it to be free to play. I suppose that unicorns could appear and offer you unlimited wishes, but good luck with that.

That all said. Be glad that Bioware is making this game and doing all the things that they do for you every week. Stop being so ungrateful.

Battlefield Play 4 Free: Another Battlefield Heroes?

This will be my second review of Battlefield Play 4 Free. Now with much more experience in the game, I have a much better grasp on the issues facing the game and I would like to outline why I will no longer be playing it.

Up until recently you were able to purchase weapons with points earned by playing the game. You had the choice between regular versions of weapons and the “Veterans” versions which were a bit more powerful. These were all accessible to everyone and only required points earned in the game to rent for a specific time. Recently several weapons were released that could only be purchased with battle funds (real money). The issue here is the same as in Battlefield Heroes. We’re starting to see incredibly overpowered weapons in the game that can only be purchased with real money.

Now understand that it makes sense for weapons that are purchased with real money to be superior to any other item in the game, but this should only be true to a small extent. They should not be incredibly overpowered in comparison. I knew that eventually the time would come that Battlefield P4F would begin to experience balance issues just like it’s predecessor Battlefield Heroes and I feel that that time has now come.

Yes, stats are only technically relative to weapons of the same type. You do also have to factor in damage fall off, but generally a pistol user is going to be at extreme close range anyway.

Battlefield Play 4 Free Weapons Sheet

The MP412 REX is a bit alarming. It does extremely high damage at close range and it’s reload and fire rate is extremely high. It only holds 6 rounds, but it reloads very fast. It has more than sufficient speed to fire off a second round before the opponent has time to turn and sight the user. In fact, it can easily unload the entire 6 rounds in that time.

Almost the same can be said for the M95 sniper rifle with it’s damage of 95 compared to other sniper rifles, but it’s much easier to deal with since it has an pretty low re-fire rate. So, no complaints there really. That makes sense for balance. If you miss, you’re likely toast. If you miss with the MP412 REX, the odds are that you will not miss on the second or third shot and that second hit will almost always be a kill. A sniper with the M95 and M412 REX would be extremely deadly.

Basically the issue is that the MP412 REX is overpowered at close range. It’s stats need re-working. It needs a lower fire rate. Of course it’s only one weapon, but considering what was done with Battlefield Heroes, what we can expect is for this to become a bad situation for players that aren’t paying real money.

Currently this appears to be the best YouTube video with footage of the MP412 REX. Fast forward to 0:26 to see how fast the pistol fires and reloads.

That said, I will warn you about another problem. The maturity level of players in BFP4F is comparable to that of players in Barrens chat in World of Warcraft or Call of Duty.

Open Beta: Battlefield Play4Free Footage

Recorded by Chubz.

Open Beta and F2P: First Impression of Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online

Let me start off by telling you the best two things about this in-browser game (yes it’s played in your browser). First the installation time. There is practically no installation. That’s good of course. Second, I enjoyed the music. It reminds me of Battlestar Galactica. If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica the TV series, you probably loved the music.

Battlestar Galactica Combat

Whether or not you consider my review valid or not is up to you. I only spent about three hours in the game. That’s all that I could stand.

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