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Epic Trailer: Witcher 2, Console Release Date

This video and information is a bit old now, but I’m sure many have not seen it (and should!). The Witcher 2 will release on consoles on April 17th.


Recently in TOR: Release Date! Other Info

Recently in TOR: Release Date, Other Info

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has a release date! Expect it on December 20th in the US and the 22nd in EU. But I’m sure you’ve already heard. There are currently no plans for a lifetime subscription option and subscription plans will be the standard: $14.99 a month, $41.97 for three months and $77.94 for six months.

About Early Access for those with pre-orders: You will have more than a few days or a weekend. I would expect 3-7 days at the most depending on when you pre-ordered or which version you ordered. Depending on whether or not either one of those make a difference.

Every copy of The Old Republic will come with 30 days of subscription time like most MMOs.

The Release Date Speculation thread on the official forum (and present on almost every SWTOR forum on the Internet) has now been replaced with an Early Access Speculation thread. Really there isn’t much to speculate about.

Apparently Bioware is considering creating another Jade Empire game. The original is widely known as Bioware’s only flop. I imagine that Bioware has something special up it’s sleeve this go-around. I hope.

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Recently in TOR: Guild Launch PH2, Eurogamer Expo

Recently in TOR: Guild Launch PH2, Eurogamer Expo

Update: BREAKING NEWS: The Release Date is December 20th US and 22nd EU.

Well we finally have some great news to talk about. Guild Launch Phase 2 has been initiated allowing guilds to become allies or adversaries with up to three other guilds. Members with permissions can now invite friends via email. This leaves one more phase which will come during launch. Aligning with another guild does not guarantee that you will be placed on the same server.

While reading Edge magazine, I was happy to read a paragraph talking about Customer Service Agents that will be working on The Old Republic. Edge Magazine interviewed Ruben Cortez, Senior Director for European Operations. It seems that Bioware’s agents must not only provide support, but are required to play the game and know about what they’re supporting. Cortez said, “We have mandatory play time. We actually put it in people’s calendars: On this day at this time, get in the game and play” (Source: Edge Magazine).

This week’s Friday Update gave us a seven minute Developer Dispatch: Companion Characters video along with Companion Characters Update: Part 1. The update talks about customization, story and abilities along with two more very short videos.

Eurogamer Expo kicked off on the 22nd and ends tomorrow the 25th. Look below for more information.

An article on VG247 quotes James Ohlen as saying, “Because of the hype around the game right now, our launch numbers are predicting something really huge, which means we have to be ready for the biggest online launch in history essentially”.

DarthHater interviewed Stephen Reid at Eurogamer Expo. Check out the interview here. Also from Eurogamer Expo here is an interview with Daniel Erickson.

Check out this seven minute Developer Dispatch video “Designing Companions”…

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Recently in Gaming: BF3 Beta, Diablo 3 Closed Beta

Recently in Gaming: BF3 Open Beta, Diablo 3 Closed Beta

The Diablo 3 closed beta has started. If you want to opt-in then head over to your Battle.net account, check your beta settings and upload your PC specs.

You will be able to download Battlefield 3 and participate in the open beta starting on the 29th and ending on October 10th. Get it here when the beta starts. The system requirements have been released. The recommended specs include a DirectX11 compatible card with 1GB of RAM and I expect that you will want the recommended specs. Especially if you intend on playing at 1920×1080.

Borderlands 2 will have a new UI and split screen action. It will also feature revamped weapons and AI.

Apparently Minecraft’s Enderman liked to walk off with player-made structures. Now they are getting nerfed. Take that Enderman-person-thing.

EA says traditional retail outlets are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Upcoming and Recent Releases:
The Lord of the Rings Online: The Rise of Isengard – September 27 2011
Battlefield 3 – October 25 2011
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – November 11 2011
F1 2011 – Available Now
Red Orchestra 2 – Available Now
Trackmania 2 – Available Now

Delayed Releases:
PC: Batman Arkham Asylum – Delayed until November

Geek.com: John Carmack coded Quake on a 28-inch 16:9 1080p monitor in 1995
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YouTube: Mafia Wars 2 Trailer
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Recently in TOR: No Release Date Before Late Oct.

Recently in TOR: No Release Date Before Late Oct.

Update: The release date is confirmed as Dec 20th in the US and 22nd for EU.

CFO Eric Brown states that we likely will not see a release date prior to late October (EA earnings call is October 25th). This is not exactly unexpected at this point, but it’s still disappointing. Stephen Reid says “Investor calls and conferences are for investors. They are not meant for the general public.”

I have said in the past that what investors are told and what analysts say is typically absolute nonsense meant to calm the dogs at the door, but with a bit of common sense and knowledge of the industry you can always kind of sift through the nonsense and make some educated guesses with the information that they do give.

Read DarthHater’s post on EA at Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference.

TORWars interviews Damion Schubert who answers questions and talks about map sizes, crew skills, naming rules and the wall of crazy. Some ideas have apparently also been pulled off the wall of crazy and implemented in the game. Schubert also has confirmed dressing rooms which allow you to sample what gear looks like before equipping it.

Georg Zoeller talks about how massive space sports are, armor differences and how it’s not quick or easy to respec your character.

Corellian Run Radio posted this hilarious video of celebrities “attempting” to voice-over great moments in Star Wars movies.

The TOR forums are bumping up security and will require you to add new security questions.

A teen rating has been given by the ESRB.

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Recently in TOR: PAX Prime Info, No Release Date

Recently in TOR: PAX Prime Info, No Release Date

The Eternity Vault

This week’s Friday Update gave us another lengthy peak at the Eternity Vault operation. In the last 30 seconds of the video we get to see a montage of later portions of the operation which we haven’t seen in the past. I’m sure many of you have already seen a walkthrough of this raid and were aching for more interesting news to come out of PAX Prime. Take a look at the DarthHater dissection of this video.

No Release Date Announced, The Hat is a Lie

In the grand scheme nothing special was announced and PAX was yet another let down for fans. The vast majority of fans that were speculating on release date information have believed that information would be released at PAX. I’ve heard many speculations about this over the past few months. Even though this was the most realistic speculation I’ve heard, I didn’t see it happening considering how things have gone down recently. We were told that when the train was rolling along, we would know. Then Stephen Reid donned his conductor hat a while back. Since then, nothing significant has happened. It has seemed as if the track derailed. For many months I have said that we were likely looking at a November release date. At this point I just can’t be sure anymore and December is not at all an unrealistic assessment. According to developers, we are looking at a “Holiday 2011” release date now, so December is becoming very likely.

We all know that Bioware wants this game to have a solid release. They’ve been quoted saying exactly that many times. The problem is that it’s looking like they are stuck in the age old perfectionist artist mentality. At some point you have to leave things as is. And this is an MMO we’re talking about. Things can and WILL be corrected and improved upon as we go on after release.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned” (Leonardo Da Vinci). At some point you have to stop perfecting, modifying, removing and adding new features.

What have we learned?

Open world PVP has been announced. Beta testing weekends begin September 2nd. That’s really the extent of “worthwhile” news.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Star Wars: The Old Republic train "left the station" but... it's nowhere to be found.

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SD Comic-Con 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Details, Videos, Information

This post is written early Saturday the 23rd. There is still two more days of Comic-Con to go.

If you haven’t preordered your copy of Star Wars The Old Republic you can do so now from Origin and plenty of other retailers. Copies are selling out very quickly.

A few key points so far:
– Unique story per class. “Not one single duplicate mission”.
– There are multiple large mounts, speeders, two seaters and swoop style vehicles. You won’t be forced to ride a segway through the entire game.
– Companion characters: Change the skin color, adjust the AI (such as in Dragon Age) and other features are in testing.

The new “Join the Fight” Trailer [Link]

Video: Stephen Reid on Early Access, Pre-Orders and the Approach of the SWTOR Launch [Link]
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Live Blog & Coverage [Day 1, Day 2]
Text: Interview with Dallas Dickinson [Link]
Images: Panel Video Working Dissection [Link]

Video: Day 1 Q&A Session Video [Link]

For more information view the Unofficial San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Thread on the official forums. Also check with TORWARS and DarthHater for fansite coverage.

Link: KotOR Figure Debuts at Comic-Con