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Skyrim Mods: January 2013’s Best of the Best

Miscellaneous Mods
Deadly Spell Impacts
Enhanced Blood Textures
Faster Mining
KenMOD – Time on loading screen
Malkavs Collection – 70 Boxes to Find
No Guard Helmets
No NPC Greetings
No Spinning Death Animation
Unread Books Glow
Faster Mining (may be buggy)
Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Graphics Modifications
Glowing Ore Veins 300
Lanterns of Skyrim
Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
Real Effect Candle
Ultimate HD Fire Spells
Unique Booze Bottles HD
Vibrant Auroras
Get Snowy
Lush Grass
Skyrim Flora Overhaul – Summer Edition

Player Home and Abodes
Grey Ledge Manor – No Load Doors
Rayeks End

User Interface Mods
A Quality World Map – With Roads
Better Dialogue Controls
Atlas Map Markers and Dawnguard Addon

Character Customization and Creation
Alternate Start – Live Another Life
Character Creation Overhaul

Weapons, Armor and Clothing
Bandit Eyepatch
Bandolier – Bags and Pouches
Cloaks of Skyrim
Immersive Weapons
Immersive Armors
Jaysus Swords
Lost Art of the Blacksmith

Sound Replacements and Alternatives
Crisp Archery Sound Effects
Fantasy Music Overhaul
Icebreakers Improved Reverb
Clanking Armor

Magic and Combat
Locational Damage

Playable Races

Skyrim Configurator
TES V Save Game Manager


Recently: Kingdoms of Amalur, Trine 2

Recently: Kingdoms of Amalur, Trine 2

Somehow I knew nothing about Kingdoms of Amalur until a few days ago. Now that I’ve played it, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It seems to be very well optimized and the controls are very fluid and responsive. That’s something that I find important in gaming. Voice overs aren’t particularly interesting, but the story so far appears to be more so.

Another game I managed to pass up is Trine 2. I’ve never even heard of the original Trine. Where have I been? I don’t know. But Trine 2 is great. Really great. All that can say is it’s worth looking at.

Trine 2

Bethesda released a High-Res texture pack with the Creation Kit. Here is a comparison between the High-Res textures and vanilla textures. Modders have released mods like HD 2K textures, Realistic Lighting, Realistic Water Textures and other mods to create a better graphical experience in Skyrim.

Check out this Minecraft replica of Kalimdor:
Full Scale Minecraft Replica - Kalimdor

Destructoid: DOTA 2 Impressions

New Screenshots:
Hookedgamers: World of Battleships

Check out these Free to Play titles:
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Saved Game Manager

Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Saved Game Manager

We won’t be seeing any full mods for Skyrim just yet but there are a few goodies that you should take a look at. As always, the authority on Elder Scrolls mods is Nexus. Curse is trying it’s best to take the title, but Nexus has been well established for years.

One of the most useful apps for Skyrim that I’ve come across is the Skyrim Savegame Manager. There’s no easy way to manage multiple characters’ saved games in Skyrim. This mod will do it for you. Skyrim is an amazing game and no doubt you will be playing multiple characters at some point.

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Recently: GTA 5 Trailer, Skyrim In 7 Days

Recently: GTA 5 Trailer, Skyrim In 7 Days

The release of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is very close. Look for it on November 11th. Bethesda has revealed the their are 280 perks in Skyrim. Damn that is a lot of perks, plus you get dragon shouts, magic etc. Bethesda has released a new video ‘The Sound of Skyrim‘ detailing information about the music and voice-acting. It includes in-game footage that we haven’t seen before.

Check out the free-to-play title Mechwarrior Online. Also in case you somehow haven’t heard take a look at Hawken. It will blow your mind.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been announced and here is the trailer. Let’s hope that those who get butt hurt about 9/11 and jets in video games don’t prevent us from flying them in GTA5. GTA5 will have multiplayer and will be set in Los Santos. Rockstar is releasing Max Payne 3 in March 2012.

DC Universe Online is now free to play. Lineage 2 is going F2P later this year. Somehow I doubt very many people care.

Bioware is releasing information on a “secret title” in the near future. I’m going to make a shot in the dark and guess that it’s a new Jade Empire.

The Fallout: New Vegas fan film series Nuka Break is now at Episode 5. Catch up or check it out.

Reviews and Previews:
beefjack: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview
rockpapershotgun: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Review

Star Wars The Old Republic:
massively: Guild Launch Phase 3 Begins
massively: SWTOR Releases Server Details
TORWars: Military Ranks, Cover and Early Game Access

Skyrim: New Beast, New Features

Skyrim: New Beast, New Features

A while back I wrote a post: Elder Scrolls Skyrim: New and Old Details Compiled. Check that out if you’re looking for a wide array of information on Skyrim compiled in one place.

Bethesda seems to have learned a lot from the plethora of popular community-mods that vastly improved Oblivion and also from Fallout 3. A great deal of features and changes in Skyrim reflect this and popular features unique to Fallout 3 are now in Skyrim.

These new features are numerous and exciting. We now have perks, finishing moves, the radiant story system, cooking, blacksmithing, dragon shouts, non-scripted events and dragons that can decide to attack any place at any time. Many features work together in an interesting way such as alchemy and cooking or dragon shouts, perks and magic. When you realize the scope of power available to you it begs the question: what can stand against you?

I remember how hyped up I was for Oblivion’s impending release: almost as excited as I am for Skyrim. I absolutely loved Morrowind and expected at least an equal experience with Oblivion. While I risk disappointment again, the difference is that I was excited for Oblivion simply due to it being yet another Elder Scrolls title. Skyrim on the other hand is shaping up to be a vastly improved game and I’m expecting it to make up for the disappointment that was it’s predecessor.

Not having to sleep to level up is probably the best news I’ve heard so far. Not really, but if you’ve played Elder Scrolls you know how frustrating that could get. I could list a bazillion new things in Skyrim that make it a better game than it’s predecessor. Bethesda is really upping the par on this one. I’ve read a lot of articles on Skyrim and my mind is continuously blown when I see new things that have been improved or the great new features available.


Some Improvements and New Features:
– Bow effectiveness and usefulness.
– The UI can be disabled entirely or you can simply adjust the opacity of the overlay.
– You can remove enchantments on items and use them on other items. Enchanted items will ‘glow’.
– Speechcraft from Oblivion has been replaced entirely.
– Pickpocket equipped items and weapons. There is an entire pickpocketing skill tree.
– Guilds are rooted in specific locations rather than every city: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves, Fighters and Mages.
– With smithing you can create weapons and armor such as: steel, arcane, elven, dwarven, glass, daedric, ebony and dragon. There are 13 types of ore.
– Crafting: six stages such as refining ore and assembling materials.
– Factions such as: Rebels and Riverwood Tavern Warrior Clan.
– New character customization options such as face point and vastly improved character models.

Update: For a large list of racials, perks and abilities check out this post over at rockpapershotgun.com.

A forum member at Gamespot posted this list detailing 1-handed, 2-handed, pickpocketing, smithing and block perks.

GodtierGaming News now has a Facebook Page. Like us!

Edge Magazine #233 November 2011 – Print Edition
Neogaf.com Forum Post

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Demo – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

VG247: EG Expo hands-on: Skyrim is the “RPG of Forever”

Recently in Gaming: Max Payne 3 Trailer, LoL Patch

Recently in Gaming: Max Payne 3 Trailer, LOL Patch

The first Max Payne 3 trailer is here! It’s been about 8 years since the last Max Payne. A lot of great games are coming out late this year and early next year. You can add Max Payne 3 to the list and expect it in March 2012.

Watch this Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road DLC Trailer.

The Witcher 3 has been “confirmed”?

Dig watching Let’s Play videos? Check out Yogscast’s Let’s Play of Dead Island.

The Adventure Update of Minecraft was “leaked” early by Mojang itself. It is now officially live.

EA’s Origin server will soon feature third party titles.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirms the option of becoming a vampire in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Check out this 20 minute gameplay walkthrough with Todd Howard narrating.

Lord of the Rings: Rise of Isengard will be available on the 27th of this month. If you’re a fan, it might be worth playing for a while, at least until TOR releases.

Remember the 1993 game Syndicate? Probably not. I barely remember it myself, considering I was about 9 years old. Check out these screenshots of the new Syndicate game.

On the subject of games you would likely never want to play in your life, The News Game places you in the shoes of a wartime videographer.

League of Legends has released a new patch ( and a patch preview. Read the patch notes.

I remember when I actually enjoyed playing Call of Duty and Red Orchestra 2 reminds me of those days. Check out the Red Orchestra 2 HD release trailer.

A skill calculator has been released for Diablo 3 on the official site.

Theplayersrepublic: Dead Island Review and Tropico IV Review.

Today in Gaming: Holy Crap That’s Realistic

Today in Gaming

Pre-order Skyrim from Newegg for $47.99. Check out these screenshots of each race in Skyrim.

Wondering what else is on sale this weekend? Take a look at this list.

Valve has announced a new Counter Strike titled Global Offensive. It is set to release in early 2012.

Right now you can order Minecraft and get an extra copy free for your friend.

Borderlands 2 screenshots have emerged. Also for F1 the new browser based game.

You may have heard that Battlefield 3 on the PC will require Origin. Now it appears that you are limited to one profile per account.

Will your Origin ID also be your BF3 soldier name? That may be a slight possibility.