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Screenshot: Evochron Mercenary

If you enjoyed Freelancer, you will love Evochron Mercenary.


Evochron Mercenary: Advanced 3D Space Simulator

If you haven’t seen this, you’ve got to see this.

Note: If you don’t have 3GB+ RAM you won’t be able to play this game. You must have about 1.7GB of RAM free or the game crashes. It’s a very interesting and detailed game, but that is just shoddy programming.

You can check out the demo here. It is free for 90 minutes.

Closed Beta Screenshots: Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy MMO

Gallery: http://img69.imageshack.us/g/blackprophecy2011032714.png/

Closed Beta Free to Play: Black Prophecy MMO

In the process of downloading the software right now. Will update later with my review. It looks gorgeous and dare I say it – innovative.

Darthhater: SWTOR Space Combat Demo Images

SWTOR Space Combat

All Images: Darthhater