Open Beta Review: Battlefield Play4Free

I’m not sure how many people will agree with me when I say this. I like Battlefield Play4Free better than Battlefield 2. Wait before you judge. I’ve owned two copies of Battlefield 2 since it was released. I own two copies of Battlefield 1942 and I own Battlefield 2142. So I’m a big fan.

One reason I like BFP4F is it’s basically Battlefield 2. Without the artillery and commander. Something I hated with a passion and felt should never have been in BF2. It also improves on some problems that were never fixed in BF2. For example you can shoot a jeep and eventually kill the driver. You can also take out an APC with enough well placed grenades. I do prefer realism, but a vehicle (armor or not) should be destroyable with a grenade when it has rubber tires.

There are still a few bugs, but nothing too major. The worst bug that I’ve seen is one where players are randomly launched hundreds of feet across the map. It’s hilarious when it happens. Even if it happens to you.

Battlefield Play 4 Free

The game installs super fast and it loads super fast. Especially compared to Battlefield 2 and other Battlefield games. Considering that the game looks about as good as Battlefield 2 that’s saying a lot. It runs very well on older systems. On an X2 5000+ with 2GB RAM using a 8800GT OC (512MB) video card at 1920×1080 the game ran flawlessly.

The weapons feel nice. Though I think several of them need much higher recoil. I’ve seen far too many players unload with machine guns while suffering no loss of accuracy.

I am NOT a fan of the free to play model for FPS games and I won’t be a fan of this game anymore if it goes the route of Heroes and purchased weapons become far too overpowered. Right now, I’m enjoying it and will play this instead of BF2 as long as it doesn’t do anything to lose my support.


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