Recently in TOR: Release Date! Other Info

Recently in TOR: Release Date, Other Info

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has a release date! Expect it on December 20th in the US and the 22nd in EU. But I’m sure you’ve already heard. There are currently no plans for a lifetime subscription option and subscription plans will be the standard: $14.99 a month, $41.97 for three months and $77.94 for six months.

About Early Access for those with pre-orders: You will have more than a few days or a weekend. I would expect 3-7 days at the most depending on when you pre-ordered or which version you ordered. Depending on whether or not either one of those make a difference.

Every copy of The Old Republic will come with 30 days of subscription time like most MMOs.

The Release Date Speculation thread on the official forum (and present on almost every SWTOR forum on the Internet) has now been replaced with an Early Access Speculation thread. Really there isn’t much to speculate about.

Apparently Bioware is considering creating another Jade Empire game. The original is widely known as Bioware’s only flop. I imagine that Bioware has something special up it’s sleeve this go-around. I hope.

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